Join The Impact Circle

Your Impact Circle membership solidifies me as your lifetime nonprofit coach :) I'll be with you every step of the way on your journey as you start, build, and grow your nonprofit.

What is The Impact Circle?

The Impact Circle is a private community of nonprofit professionals, many of which are past/current students, nonprofit founders, grant writers, board members, nonprofit marketing experts, and more! What all of these individuals have in common is that we all have nonprofits that are making real impact in communities across the country.  We network, partner, and share information and experiences to push one another's mission. We are connected by our passion to IMPACT!

    What's Included?

    • Bi-Weekly “IMPACT” Conference Video Calls - Be a part of bi-weekly video calls with Crystal Durham and guest experts, which include Q&A sessions and networking among members.
    • Membership to the Private FB Group - Become a member of my private Facebook group where fellow nonprofit professionals share resources, experiences, and motivation.
    • First Access to New Content - Gain access to new and valuable content to ensure your nonprofit stays in compliance.
    • Resources & Grant Opportunities - Gain referrals to corporate sponsors for your fundraisers and events.
    • Networking - Join a network of seasoned as well as aspiring nonprofit professionals that will help provide accountability and support among one another.
    • Frequently Asked Questions - Get answers to FAQs nonprofit professionals have when starting, building, and growing a nonprofit organization.